A High Throughput Multiple Transform Architecture for H.264/AVC Fidelity Range Extensions

Yao Ma, Yang Song, Takeshi Ikenaga, Satoshi Goto
2007 JSTS Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science  
In this paper, a high throughput multiple transform architecture for H.264 Fidelity Range Extensions (FRExt) is proposed. New techniques are adopted which (1) regularize the 8 × 8 integer forward and inverse DCT transform matrices, (2) divide them into four 4 × 4 sub-matrices so that simple fast butterfly algorithm can be used, (3) because of the similarity of the sub-matrices, mixed butterflies are proposed that all the sub-matrices of 8 × 8 and matrices of 4 × 4 forward DCT (FDCT), inverse
more » ... (FDCT), inverse DCT (IDCT) and Hadamard transform can be merged together. Based on these techniques, a hardware architecture is realized which can achieve throughput of 1.488Gpixel/s when processing either 4 × 4 or 8 × 8 transform. With such high throughput, the design can satisfy the critical requirement of the real-time multi-transform processing of High Definition (HD) applications such as High Definition DVD (HD-DVD) (1920x1080@60Hz) in H.264/AVC FRExt. This work has been synthesized using Rohm 0.18um library. The design can work on a frequency of 93MHz and throughput of 1.488Gpixel/s with a cost of 56440 gates.
doi:10.5573/jsts.2007.7.4.247 fatcat:oebohksdkvgzhn4empssiesv6m