Role of Testosterone Replacement Therapy on Plasma Ghrelin Level before and after Orchiectomy in Male Albino Rats

Sahar El-Sawy, Amel Hashish
2008 Bulletin of Egyptian Society for Physiological Sciences  
The aim of the present study is to investigate whether testosterone replacement therapy play a role on plasma ghrelin level before and after orchiectomy in male albino rats. Four groups of animals were studied, control group, control group received testosterone propionate (T.P) 300 µg/Kg subcutaneously (s.c) daily for 4 weeks, orchiectomized group and lastly orchiectomized group receiving T.P by the same regimen as group two. Blood samples were taken at the end of the experimental period for
more » ... rying out the hormonal investigations; also body weight was measured from all studied animals. The results of this work showed that subcutaneous administration of T.P to sham operated and orchiectomy rats produces significant decrease in FSH and LH, however it produces significant increase in total testosterone, free testosterone, ghrelin, insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and total body weight when these results compared to group one and three respectively. Conclusions: We can conclude that plasma ghrelin level significantly increase after testosterone supplementation in both sham operated and orchiectomy rats, also there are +ve correlation between ghrelin level and testosterone level (both total and free), IGF-1 and body weight & negative correlation between ghrelin and FSH & LH.
doi:10.21608/besps.2008.36953 fatcat:rkwhb4dk3bci5klk2krobwzi74