Analytical Determination of the Slot and the End-Winding Portion of the Winding-to-Rotor Capacitance for the Prediction of Shaft Voltage in Electrical Machines [article]

Jan Ole Stockbrügger, Bernd Ponick, University, My
Common-mode voltage, caused by a 2-level inverter, is a source of discharge currents in motor bearings. Due to the capacitive coupling, between the stator winding and the rotor, an image of the common-mode voltage is produced on the shaft—which can exceed the dielectric strength of the lubrication film of motor bearings. Accurate determination of the winding-to-rotor capacitance is necessary to predict the shaft voltage. This article proposes a novel analytical determination of the slot and the
more » ... end-winding portion of the winding-to-rotor capacitance. The calculation rules, which are based on the method of image charges and the charge simulation method, take into account the continuity and the boundary conditions of the field areas. Results are validated by means of finite element method simulations. Notably, deviations are in the single-digit percentage range. Furthermore, the presented methods are simple to implement.
doi:10.15488/11312 fatcat:makgqrsbwbefjirxkhkk3orhwu