Research on Energy Consumption of Light Metal Scrap Shredding Process

Jun LI
2013 Journal of Mechanical Engineering  
Abstract˖To find solutions to shredding and recovery of end-of-life vehicles, by way of tensile test, the mechanical characteristics of the light metal scrap material from end-of-life vehicles are obtained, and the constitutive relations of materials are simplified as bilinear model; pendulum shredding impact test is completed by self-made testing equipment. Through analyzing the testing process, the shredding process is divided into the initial, intermediate, ending stages. At these stages,
more » ... edding tool leads to local sunken, overall bending and local bending deformation on light metal scrap, and the loss of stability, extension, connection, perforation happened on cracks tip of sunken deformation; after that single fragments are torn off from the large plate-shaped (sheet-like) of light metal scrap. The energy analysis shows that the energy is mainly consumed by elastic-plastic bending deformation and shredding of scrap material in the whole comminuting process. Through the simplified model, elastic-plastic power of bending deformation of three parts and shredding work are calculated. The results show the energy of shredding tool partially is used in light metal scrap shredding during the process of light metal scrap of end-of-life vehicles.
doi:10.3901/jme.2013.08.071 fatcat:ewccutavjncwplsvjnkkei43ca