New Textile Machinery

1876 Scientific American  
34m., and sets at 10h. 49m. P. M. It can easily be found, as soon as twilight is over, at an altitude of about 36°, when it souths, and changes little in position during the month. If the motions of Saturn are wa'ched for the whole month, 'tie.tifie �meritlll. OW AGRICULTURAL INVENTIONS. it will be seen that it moves in an easterly direction, and to-IMPROVED PLOW ward the zenith. On the 31st, Saturn rises at 10h. 26m. John R.Newton,Rusk, Tex.-By suitable construction, by re-A. M., and sets at
more » ... . 2m. P. M. A telescope of ordinary moving the scmper and the mold board, the plow can be used asa power will show the ring of Saturn, but it reqUIres a good subsoiler. By removing the scraper, the plow can be used as a one in order to see its numerous satellites. turning plow for breaking up land, throwing up beds, etc. By re-Uranu.. moving the mold board, the plow can be used as a scraper and cul tivator. When all three parts are attached, the plow will scrape, Uranus is coming into better position for observation. It cultivate, and hill the plants. rises on the 1st at 10h. 11m. P. M., and sets at l1h. 54m. the IMPROVED ROTARY CULTIVATOR. next morning. On the 31st, Uranus rises at 8h. 11m. P.M. , Sevier Tadlock, Hope, Tex.-This is 8n improved machine for and sets at 9h. 54m. the next morning. Uranus is a few de· opening ditches to drain land and form fences, and to grade rail grees west of Regulus and farther north in declination. It ro ads, e tc . Upon the rim of a large wheel, apart, are attached moves very slowly among the stars. toward the west. cross spades, and hinged right-angled spades, wh ich form three sides of a series of rectangular boxes. A chute covers the open Neptune. tops and Bides of the boxes, and extends to below the wheel to cut
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