Effects of Holmium Additions on Microstructure and Properties of A356 Aluminum Alloys

Qiang Wang, Zhiming Shi, Hong Li, Yaming Lin, Ningyu Li, Tianhao Gong, Ruiying Zhang, Huimin Liu
2018 Metals  
Sr-modification of A356 alloys has distinct shortages due to the volatilization and oxidation during remelting and pouring, which often reduce the modification efficiency and mechanical properties of the alloys. To avoid the adverse effects and enhance the comprehensive properties, the effects of heavy rare earth element holmium (Ho) modification on the microstructure and properties of the alloy were investigated. Ho addition inhibited the intrinsic orientation growth of (111)Al planes and
more » ... lated the growth of the (200)Al planes for α-Al crystals. The addition of 0.2 wt.% Ho produced the best refinement effect for α-Al grains; 0.3 wt.% of Ho addition yielded the most distinct modification effect for eutectic Si phases, which was further improved by a T6 treatment. The extra addition of 0.4 wt.% Ho resulted in the complete loss of the refinement and modification effects and in the abnormal growth of the α-Al crystals. Ho additions produced Al3Ho phases containing Fe elements, which were distributed on the boundaries of the α-Al dendrites. The corrosion-proof performance was enhanced by Ho addition and the T6 treatment; the tensile strength and elongation achieved the highest value upon 0.2 wt.% of Ho addition and the T6 treatment. Moreover, the hardness was also enhanced by Ho additions in both states.
doi:10.3390/met8100849 fatcat:y5kk7kkahjcnbftaz7dfvannb4