Multiple Criteria Evaluation of the EU Country Sustainable Construction Industry Lifecycles

Arturas Kaklauskas, Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas, Arune Binkyte-Veliene, Agne Kuzminske, Justas Cerkauskas, Alma Cerkauskiene, Rita Valaitiene
2020 Applied Sciences  
This article looks at the trends and success of the sustainable construction industries in the EU member states, the UK and Norway. The research, covering the past three decades, revealed that different quality of life, macroeconomic, human development, construction and well-being factors define the sustainable construction industries in the EU member states, the UK and Norway. A multiple criteria decision matrix was created and analysed to look at the EU member countries, the UK and Norway
more » ... the perspective of their macro level environment and construction industries. Assessments of the sustainable construction industries were completed by using the COmplex PRoportional Assessment (COPRAS) and Degree of Project Utility and Investment Value Assessments (INVAR), two analysis methods. A look was taken at the dependencies linking the indicators related to the construction industries and macro level in the EU member countries, the UK and Norway. Then, the multiple criteria analysis of the construction industry's utility degree and performances were completed, and recommendations were generated. A country's perceived image and success can influence the economic behaviour of consumers. By and large, advanced and successful countries rarely become associated with a negative national image and their products and services rarely suffer negative consequences due to such association. This research, then, offers findings that can assist potential buyers in more rational decision-making when choosing of products and services based on a country of origin.
doi:10.3390/app10113733 fatcat:twboclbb55ex7idqonft52tugu