Heavy Majorana neutrinos in the effective Lagrangian description: Application to hadron colliders

Francisco del Águila, Shaouly Bar-Shalom, Amarjit Soni, Jose Wudka
2009 Physics Letters B  
We consider the effects of heavy Majorana neutrinos N with sub-TeV masses. We argue that the mere presence of these particles would be a signal of physics beyond the minimal seesaw mechanism and their interactions are, therefore, best described using an effective Lagrangian. We then consider the complete set of leading effective operators (up to dimension 6) involving the N and Standard Model fields and show that these interactions can be relatively easy to track at high-energy colliders. For
more » ... ample, we find that an exchange of a TeV-scale heavy vector field can yield thousands of characteristic same-sign lepton number violating l^+ l^+ j j events (j=light jet) at the LHC if m_N < 600 GeV, which can also have a distinctive forward-backward asymmetry signal; even the Tevatron has good prospects for this signature if m_N < 300 GeV.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2008.11.031 fatcat:5yentzc435athdr2giyhbj2lhu