Quantum thermometry with trapped ions

Peter A. Ivanov
2019 Optics Communications  
We introduce the estimation protocol for detecting the temperature of the transverse vibrational modes of linear ion crystal. We show that thanks to the laser induced laser coupling between the vibrational modes and the collective spin states the estimation of the temperature is carried out by set of measurements of the spin populations. We show that temperature estimation protocol using single ion as a quantum probe is optimal in a sense that the set of state projective measurement saturates
more » ... e fundamental Cramer-Rao bound. We find a plateau of the maximal temperature sensitivity using ion chain as a quantum probe. Moreover, we show that the non-classical part of the quantum Fisher information could leads to enhancement of the temperature sensitivity compared to the single ion case.
doi:10.1016/j.optcom.2018.12.013 fatcat:wl6arl5qpzgrdeoffkhrua7gjy