Stark effect on emission spectra of diatomic molecules

Daniel Holdsworth Phelps
The electronic emission spectra of the OH and CH molecules in applied electric fields up to 68,000 v/cm have been observed. These spectra show Stark splittings, broadenings and field-induced, parity-forbidden lines. The electric dipole moment of the molecules has been determined for OH in the ²π electronic state and CH in both the ²π and ²∆ electronic states from Stark effects on transitions to the following levels: [formula omitted] Electric fields were determined from Stark splittings in
more » ... gen Balmer lines. The Stark spectra were produced in the high field region of a low pressure glow discharge. This technique is well suited for the study of short lived and chemically reactive molecules in both their ground and excited, electronic states.
doi:10.14288/1.0302505 fatcat:nid64gkpg5h75arp36pdphnbpm