Creative methods of noospheric learning through art assets: Case study of authentic education

Alexandra Ovchinnikova, Maria Lazareva, Tatiana Tarasenko, Tatiana Solovieva
2021 Revista Amazonía investiga  
In this article authors discuss the methodology of evaluating noospheric insights in higher education students through art assets. A very important goal of students' inclusion into the authentic context of ecological education is being achieved. As a result of this study, evaluation criteria were determined, such as imagination, emotionality, originality, abstraction. For the more in-depth development of the evaluation procedure the following methods were used: educational experiment,
more » ... periment, observation, questionnaires, semantic differential (SD), method of setting the attitude on associative transformation of the object being perceived, creative methods. Authors determined the levels of student's noospheric insights formation (high, above average, average, low) for the following evaluation of correlation between the categories of singular, special and common in students' aesthetical insights. The results, including content and structural, functional components, are described in this article, allowing to connect the process of noosperic insights mastering by students with the authentic context of education.
doi:10.34069/ai/2021.37.01.18 fatcat:25w735a5nzcvlmfwv27upkd5we