INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FIELD EDUCATION The Effect of A Family Education Program on Marital Satisfaction of Married Mothers, Marital Problem Solving Skill and Psychological Well-Being *

Akça Dilek, Koca, Müge Yüksel
2017 unpublished
The aim of this research is to analyse the effect of a family education program on the marital satisfaction of married women, marital problem solving skill and psychological well-being. The model of this research is random figure pretest-posttest matched, with control groups. Test and control groups consist of 22 people. In this research the socio-demoghraphic and marital characteristics of participants are tested with 'Individual Information Form', the level of marital satisfaction is tested
more » ... faction is tested with 'The Marital Satisfaction Scale', marital problem solving skill are tested with 'Marital Problem Solving Scale' and the level of psychological well-being is tested with 'Scales of Psychological Well-Being'. Nine-session family education program is applied on the groups consisting of 11 people, in 9 seances during totally 9 weeks; each seance takes 120 minutes. In the analysis of data, Mann-Whitney U Test and Wilcoxon Matched-Pairs Signed-Rank Test are used. As a result of the research it can be seen that family education program improves the marital satisfaction of married mothers, marital problem solving skill and the psychological well-being.