Greentree Group Int J Ayu Pharm Chem A Clinical Study about Evaluation of the Efficacy of Varunadi Kvatha in the Management of Mootrashmari (Urinary Calculus)

Upadhyay Jay, Patel Manish, Gupta, Vaidya Tapankumar
2017 Greentree Group © IJAPC Int J Ayu Pharm Chem   unpublished
INTRODUCTION There are several diseases with fatal consequences. Mootrashmari is one of them 1. It is the third most common affliction of the urinary tract, exceeded only by UTI and BPH. This is a chronic disorder with acute and severe pain and if it is not managed by proper treatment, patient may face the fatal consequences. However, it is manageable with a proper treatment 2. According to sushrut samhita, surgical treatment is not preferred method because even skilled surgeons may not get
more » ... ons may not get good success in the surgical treatment of mootrashmari 3. According to madhav nidan all, the doshas are involved in the disease but based on predominance, the types of mootrashmari are described 4. MATERIALS AND METHODS Total 31 patients having age between, 18-70 years with classical symptomatology and with verified USG for urolithiasis were registered. Patients were given varunadi kvatha 40ml with yavakshar as prakshep dravya, twice a day for 28 days. After 28 days, all the patients were assessed for change in their subjective as well as objective criteria. RESULTS As per results, in the subjective criteria patients showed 85% to 100% relief in symptomatology. In the objective criteria, urine routine and microscopic reports showed 96% to 100% improvement in all patients, while as per imaging method USG showed 72% to 100% improvement. Therefore, in overall assessment out of 31 patients, 30 patients got marked relief and 1 patient got moderate relief. CONCLUSION Varunadi kvatha with yavakshar prakshep have highly significant effect in the management of the patients with mootrashmari (urinary calculus).