A Theory of Quantum Gravity from First Principles [chapter]

G. Esposito
2002 Recent Developments in General Relativity, Genoa 2000  
When quantum fields are studied on manifolds with boundary, the corresponding one-loop quantum theory for bosonic gauge fields with linear covariant gauges needs the assignment of suitable boundary conditions for elliptic differential operators of Laplace type. There are however deep reasons to modify such a scheme and allow for pseudo-differential boundary-value problems. When the boundary operator is allowed to be pseudo-differential while remaining a projector, the conditions on its kernel
more » ... ading to strong ellipticity of the boundary-value problem are studied in detail. This makes it possible to develop a theory of one-loop quantum gravity from first principles only, i.e. the physical principle of invariance under infinitesimal diffeomorphisms and the mathematical requirement of a strongly elliptic theory.
doi:10.1007/978-88-470-2101-3_39 fatcat:rpbkvy4x4jbgrcoawjx3jd6wbe