The Royal College of Surgeons: Protest to the Medical Council

J. C. Cookworthy
1860 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
EDIT)I LOX1[LatBOL (mr MI JOVMA much more frequent occrrenoe than is supposed, and that the Subjeet is one worthy of further investigation by gentlemen a ged in midwifery practice. And, with regard to further experience, let me say one word X the subject. It will not do to follow the example of many gentlemen, who, like mvself at one time, are ready to aver they had never had a case of rupture of the perinteum, simply because they had never troubled themselves to ascertain whether such an
more » ... ether such an accident has taken place or not; nor to adopt Dr. West'; advice, and " let the perimseum alone," for by that means, equally with the former, the medlical attendant will be unconscious of wlhat has occuirred; nor to sanction the principle involv'ed in MIr. Hey's coutisel, " the only error you have committed is having informed your patient of it." To ascertain the facts as they are, the perinteum must he carefully examined after the completion of the labotur; for I know,
doi:10.1136/bmj.s4-1.167.197-a fatcat:ljbbrf2uqjf3pdtn63bnenxit4