A New Method of Measurement Matrix Optimization for Compressed Sensing Based on Alternating Minimization

Renjie Yi, Chen Cui, Biao Wu, Yang Gong
2021 Mathematics  
In this paper, a new method of measurement matrix optimization for compressed sensing based on alternating minimization is introduced. The optimal measurement matrix is formulated in terms of minimizing the Frobenius norm of the difference between the Gram matrix of sensing matrix and the target one. The method considers the simultaneous minimization of the mutual coherence indexes including maximum mutual coherence μmax, t-averaged mutual coherence μave and global mutual coherence μall, and
more » ... ves the problem that minimizing a single index usually results in the deterioration of the others. Firstly, the threshold of the shrinkage function is raised to be higher than the Welch bound and the relaxed Equiangular Tight Frame obtained by applying the new function to the Gram matrix is taken as the initial target Gram matrix, which reduces μave and solves the problem that μmax would be larger caused by the lower threshold in the known shrinkage function. Then a new target Gram matrix is obtained by sequentially applying rank reduction and eigenvalue averaging to the initial one, leading to lower. The analytical solutions of measurement matrix are derived by SVD and an alternating scheme is adopted in the method. Simulation results show that the proposed method simultaneously reduces the above three indexes and outperforms the known algorithms in terms of reconstruction performance.
doi:10.3390/math9040329 fatcat:6xiov2cf2zcd7ox6l3uktwvh44