Time Travel Queries in RDF Archives

Melisachew Wudage Chekol, Valeria Fionda, Giuseppe Pirrò
2017 Extended Semantic Web Conference  
We research the problem of querying RDF archives. In this setting novel data management challenges emerge in terms of support for time-traversing structured queries. We formalize an extension of SPARQL, called SPARQ-LTL, which incorporates primitives inspired by linear temporal logic. We give formal semantics for SPARQ-LTL and devise query rewriting strategies from SPARQ-LTL into SPARQL. The usage of SPARQ-LTL allows to gain conciseness and readability when expressing complex temporal queries.
more » ... e implemented our approach and evaluated query running time and query succinctness.
dblp:conf/esws/ChekolFP17 fatcat:2jw7gd3hmfbmheu4n7pxqexyfa