Kinetics and Mechanism of Aquachlororuthenium (III) Catalyzed Oxidation of Tartaric Acid by Acid Bromate

Ajaya Kumar Singh
2013 The Open Catalysis Journal  
The kinetics of the oxidation of Ru (III) catalyzed oxidation of tartaric acid by potassium bromate in aqueous perchloric acid medium at constant ionic strength was investigated in the temperature range 303-318 K. The reactions exhibit first order kinetics at low concentration of bromate, tending to zero order at high concentration. Zero order kinetics with respect to [tartaric acid] and first order kinetics in [Ru (III)] were observed in the oxidation of tartaric acid. A positive effect on the
more » ... rate of reaction has been found on the successive addition of [H + ] and [Cl -]. Variation in mercuric acetate concentration, [Hg(OAc)2] and ionic strength of the medium did not bring any significant change on the rate of reaction. The first order rate constant increases with decrease in the dielectric constant of the medium. The values of rate constants observed at four different temperatures were utilized to calculate the activation parameters. Formic acid and carbon dioxide have been identified as main oxidation products of the reaction. A plausible mechanism from the results of kinetic studies, reaction stoichiometry and product analysis has been proposed.
doi:10.2174/1876214x01306010008 fatcat:n7verhkjd5fhflkhsmq3dhsgcu