Collider phenomenology of light strange-beauty squarks

Kingman Cheung, Wei-Shu Hou
2004 Physical Review D  
Strong mixing between right-handed strange and beauty squarks is a possible solution to the CP violation discrepancy in B→ϕ K_S decay as recently suggested by the Belle data. In this scenario, thanks to the strong mixing one of the strange-beauty squarks can be as light as 200 GeV, even though the generic supersymmetry scale is at TeV. In this work, we study the production of this light right-handed strange-beauty squark at hadronic colliders and discuss the detection in various decay
more » ... Detection prospect at the Tevatron Run II is good for the strange-beauty squark mass up to about 300 GeV.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.70.035009 fatcat:lcgx7eyyujhkza6beww34lkyiy