Development of the shampoo for children

L. S. Petrovskaya, O. V. Zhuk, I. I. Baranova
2015 Vìsnik farmacìï  
Children, especially infants, have a sensitive and very vulnerable skin. Cosmetics for children supports the protective functions of the skin, making it less susceptible to a variety of stimuli. That is why children from the first days of life need other, safer skin care cosmetics than adults, it should not have the irritating action. In order to develop a foam cleaning product (shampoo) for children we have chosen a number of modern detergents . Lactic acid was used as a pH adjustor. Based on
more » ... hese substances the foam cleaning bases in various concentrations of detergents have been prepared. The quality (physicochemical properties) of the foam cleaning bases developed has been assessed according to the current normative documents of Ukraine. At the first stage of the research it was determined that the use of "Euronaat LS 3" was irrational because it did not provide the required foam formation, hence, it was necessary to add other detergents. At the next stage the bases with addition of detergents with the low irritating effect, such as "Cocamidopropyl Betaine", "Lamesoft PO 65", "Neopal LIS 80", were studied to improve the physicochemical and consumer properties. It has been found that foam cleaning bases with additionally selected non-ionic and amphoteric detergents improved the properties of the foam cleaning base developed, namely the level and stability of the foam and its consumer properties increased. It should be noted that the bases developed were stable at the pH value selected (5.5-6.5).
doi:10.24959/nphj.15.2026 fatcat:4a4vscz5brhxpiiuizamsxwpi4