Experimental Study on Flexural Structural Performance of Sinusoidal Corrugated Girder

2015 Journal of Korean Society of Steel Construction  
In long span steel structure, the plate girder reinforced with stiffeners are commonly used. When choosing the cross section with deep depth of girder as well as narrow width, however, out of plane buckling can be a problem due to web slenderness. In an effort to solve this issue, current study determined the applicability of using corrugated web girder with deep depth as bending member, which is generally being utilized in both factory and warehouse nationwide. To accomplish this, we performed
more » ... this, we performed the loading test of H-shaped beam with sinusoidal corrugated web. Corrugated web CP-2.3 specimen exhibited 12% less maximal bending strength but CP-3.2 specimen exerted 24% increase in strength compared to plate web P-4.5. this result indicates that corrugated web provides enough strength even with unfavorable width-thickness ratio of plate. And bending as well as shear strength estimated by the Eurocode (EN 1993-1-5) were compared with both bending strength by loading test and shear strength estimated by KBC2009. In case of eurocode, increase in plate thickness did not help in bending performance improvement. moreover, shear performance was sensitive to the thickness of the web folds and the shape of the web plate.
doi:10.7781/kjoss.2015.27.6.503 fatcat:qgrd3vqhm5hazafat6xnmhg3re