Hepatotoxicity and Nephrotoxicity induced by fipronil and lead acetate and their mixture as well as evaluation of therapeutic effects of camel milk against their harmful [post]

Yasmin Abdel-Mobdy, Ahmed E. Abdel-Mobdy, Ammar AL Farga
2022 unpublished
Elevated environmental pollution of lead and fipronil blamed for chronic toxicity. Fipronil and lead acetate are commonly used but now no adequate data available concerning side harmful of their mixture. The present work studied the curative effects of camel milk against lead and fipronil toxicity individually and their mixture. The lead acetate or fipronil and their mixture significantly induction deteriorated kidneys and liver function parameters as well as lipid profile and oxidative stress
more » ... n the both organs. Serum LDH activity increased under the same conditions. Histological examination revealed hepatic degeneration, nephropathy in intoxicated rats relative to normal health control. Both toxicants in their mixture showed more harmful than those of its individual ones. Camel milk treatments into intoxicated animals (lead, fipronil and mixture groups) attenuated the all evaluated parameters, also alleviated the harmful influences of the mixture of lead acetate and fipronil and improved the biomarkers of their oxidative stress.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-1975854/v1 fatcat:xtw23ltx7vgc7bnhrwldi5fddm