Theory & Experiment in the Science of Robert Grosseteste

A. C. Crombie
1950 Bulletin of the British Society for the History of Science  
of Paper read on 7th June, 1949 Early in the thirteenth century a revolution took place in scientific methodology and we may associate this with the name of Robert Grosseteste for two reasons. (1) He united in his own work two tendencies which had previously been somewhat independent of each other, the experimental habit found in the practical techniques and the habit of rational explanation which had developed in twelfth century philosophy, and out of these he produced an experimental science
more » ... sing rational explanations. (2) He founded a school of science at Oxford which carried on his work and in particular his ideas on induction and experiment and the use of mathematics in physics and put them into practice in the science to which he had paid particular attention, namely, optics.
doi:10.1017/s0950563600000300 fatcat:fyr52q3vljaxjam5sxvtbuo724