Energy-energy correlations in hadronic final states from Z0 decays

P. Abreu, W. Adam, F. Adami, T. Ayde, G.D. Alekseev, P. Allen, S. Almehed, F. Alted, S.J. Alvsvaag, U. Amaldi, E. Anassontzis, W.-D. Apel (+483 others)
1990 Physics Letters B  
We have studied the energy-energy angular corrélations in hadronic final states from Z° decay using the DELPHI detector at LEP. From a comparison with Monte Carlo calculations based on the exact second order QCD matrix élément and string fragmentation we fmd that /l5^= 104îio (stat.)Î2o(syst. )îoo(theor. ) MeV, which corresponds to as(91 GeV) = 0.106± 0.003(stat.) ±0.003(syst.)îo;ooo(theor.). The theoretical error stems from différent choices for the renormalization scale of a,. In the Monte
more » ... a,. In the Monte Carlo simulation the scale of as well as the fragmentation parameters have been optimized to described reasonably well ail aspects of multihadron production.
doi:10.1016/0370-2693(90)91097-u fatcat:w4545vmqvjende3ygpsyy2c6na