Comments on 'Added value of geophysics-based soil mapping in agro-ecosystem simulations' [peer_review]

Jacopo Boaga
2021 unpublished
The paper regards the comparison of geophysics-based and classical soil mapping as input for agronomical simulations. I agree with the previous revisions of the colleagues. Paper is well written and results are supported by the data presented. Topic is of interest for Soil and I think the paper is acceptable for publication after minor corrections. In particular authors should underlined that nowadays inversion of Eca data are common, since a number of proficient codes are available. From the
more » ... ailable. From the paper reading it seems only nominal exploration depth of EMI is used, limiting the precision of the subsoil characterisation. This is just one way to use EMI survey, but not the unique one. Inversion C1
doi:10.5194/soil-2020-78-rc2 fatcat:pqermwcvjzee3mddvjfdltivcy