Iron and Steel Industry, 1910

1911 Journal of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry  
943 Sanitary ware was valued at $6,758,996 in 1910, which was a gain of $769,701 over 1909. It was produced in 9 States. New Jersey was by far the largest producer, the value of its output being $4,955,066. West Virginia was second and Indiana third. Sanitary ware formed 2 0 per cent. of the value of all pottery products. Porcelain electrical supplies were produced in I O States in 1910, of which Ohio was the leader, reporting ware valued at $1,277,144. These wares composed 11.23 per cent. of
more » ... 1.23 per cent. of the total value of pottery products. Red earthenware was made in 33 States to the value of $854,196, Pennsylvania being the largest producer. Ohio was second and Massachusetts third. Stoneware and yellow and Rockingham ware were valued a t $3,796,688 and were made in 28 States. This is the only branch of pottery production that showed a decrease in 1910. Ohio, as for many years, was the leading State in the manufacture of these wares, reporting 43.84 per cent. of the total. Illinois was second and Pennsylvania third. Ohio is the leading pottery-producing State in the Union, reporting a value in 1910 of $14,794,712. or 42.31 per cent. of the whole. New Jersey was second, with wares worth $8,588,455, or 25.42 per cent. of the total. West Virginia was third, with wares valued a t $2,675,588. The 5 leading States-;-Ohio, New Jersey West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York-produced 88.60 per cent. of the total. Imports of pottery in 1910 were valued a t $11,127,-405, an increase of $520,193, qr 4.90 per cent. The exports of pottery, which are confined almost exclusively to the lower grades of ware, increased $177,994, or 20.61 per cent. over the 1909 exports. SAND-LIME BRICK.
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