Marxist Ecological Theory and Its Innovative Development in China

2021 Academic Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences  
Marx and Engels founded in the process of Dialectical Materialism, from two aspects of material first and practicality, illustrates the relationship between human and nature, thus, it formed the Ecological Thought of Marx and Engels. Ecology Marxism schools of Western Marxism, think of the capitalist mode of production in the economic crisis at the same time, also caused serious ecological crisis, only replacing capitalism with socialism, in order to thoroughly solve the problem of ecological
more » ... vironment deterioration, make the person and the nature harmonious get along. After the Marxist Ecological Theory was introduced into China, it was combined with the reality of socialist construction and reform in China and formed a series of theoretical achievements of sinicization. In socialism with Chinese characteristics into the new era under the background of establishment of Xi Jinping's Thought on Ecological Civilization, is a Marxist Ecological Theory of innovation and development in contemporary China, to enrich and develop Marxist Ecological Theory made original contributions in China.
doi:10.25236/ajhss.2021.040602 fatcat:xui7tybhr5hirltl5u6uuotoni