1869 The Lancet  
200 J.7msto., 2ritlz ca/'diac t!n:rntM)'.—A printer's writer, aged thirty-five, has been aphasic for four years. In answer to our question as to his occupation, he said: " I write for the-for the-yes-for the-;" and this was all he could express of the nature of his work. There is a slight loss of power in the right side. So far as we could learn, the attack was gradual in its onset-a point which would rather militate against the case being one of embolism, which in other respects seems probable
more » ... ects seems probable ; for the patient has a dilated heart, with a svstolic murmur. Vomitin,g 0/ thi'ee years' (7ttitition.--k young v-oman, aged niueteen, of hysterical aspect, with a tendency to exophthalmic goitre,-thyroid enlarged, her eyes somewhat prominent, and she has palpitations of the heart. For three years she has vomited after all food, but has continued not-
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)67518-x fatcat:kgobun5b3veuzjmof27eylysp4