Handling fuzzy temporal constraints in a planning environment

Marc de la Asunción, Luis Castillo, Juan Fernández-Olivares, Oscar García-Pérez, Antonio González, Francisco Palao
2007 Annals of Operations Research  
An interleaved integration of the planning and scheduling process is presented with the idea of including soft temporal constraints in a partial order planner that is being used as the core module of an intelligent decision support system for the design forest fire fighting plans. These soft temporal constraints have been defined through fuzzy sets. This representation allows us a flexible representation and handling of temporal information. The scheduler model consists of a fuzzy temporal
more » ... raints network whose main goal is the consistency checking of the network associated to each partial order plan. Moreover, we present a model of estimating this consistency, and show the monitoring and rescheduling capabilities of the system. The resulting approach is able to tackle problems with ill defined knowledge, to obtain plans that are approximately consistent and to adapt the execution of plans to unexpected delays.
doi:10.1007/s10479-007-0207-z fatcat:ebr7cv4k7vabfbuji2pkwr3lva