EFFECT OF OPENINGS ON THE LOAD-DEFLECTION CHARACTERISTICS OF A HEAVILY REINFORCED CONCRETE SHEAR WALL : Part 1:Discussion upon the empirical results of a series of heavily reinforced concrete shear walls with openings
高配筋耐震壁の復元力特性に及ぼす開口の影響 : その1 水平加力実験

Kazuhide SATO, Akira HIGASHIURA, Tetsuo KUBO, Makoto WATABE
1990 Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ)  
We have conducted a series of empirical studies to examlne effect of openings placed within a wall panel such as for penetration upon the load − deflection characteristics of a shear wall 、 The major pnrpose of the study is to examine effect of openings within a wall panel upon structuraL properties of a heavily reinfQrced concrete shear wan such as the ultimate strength , ductility capacity and load− deflec口on hysteresis characteristics . Herein this paper, we discuss the experimental results
more » ... btained during a series of empirical stu . dies. We examine in detail the effect of the size , location , shape and number of openings posi − tioned within a wall panel on the variation of structural properties of a shear wall , We have summarized the results obtained from a set of significant data duTing the experimental s ヒ udies as follows: 1. Location of an opening within a wall pane 上will determine a possible failure mode of the shear wall . When an opening is positioned at the bottom of a wall panel, the failure mode of the wall is a sliding shear failure at the bottom of the panel. When not , the failure mode is a com . pressive shear failure along the diagDnal direction of the wall . 2. When an opening is positioned at the bottom of a wall panel, the observed ductility capacity is inferior to that obtained in a wall with an opelling in the Iniddle height of the wall . Based upQn the empirical results , we propose an analytical formula to evaluate the shear strength of a wall having var め us types of openings within a wall panel, by use of which we can estimate the ultimate strength of a heavily reinforced concrete shear wall taking openings within a wall panehnto consideration
doi:10.3130/aijsx.418.0_39 fatcat:2itoxhils5dsrgb4latoy2jrcu