Theoretical study and Modeling of a Parabolic trough Solar Concentrator

Loubna Benhabib, Zakia Hadjou Belaid, Abdellah Benyoucef
2021 Zenodo  
In a parabolic trough concentrator, solar rays collected by the reflective surface are concentrated on the solar receiver. In our case, and among the different sensors designed for radiation concentration, we mention the parabolic cylindrical collector. A mathematical model is established to estimate the outlet temperature of the heat transfer fluid as well as the temperatures of the absorber tube and the glass envelope. A hourly simulation is performed from sunrise to sunset during a clear sky
more » ... during a clear sky day at a site located in Tlemcen. A parabolic trough reflector shares the PTC with a Pyrex envelope and a steel absorber tube, connected along the length of the system, laced coaxially in the focal line of the reflector. The mirrors that are used as reflectors are parabolic in shape and plated with silver oxide, and coated with a special surface coating to protect them from environmental effects. The collectors are equipped with a tracking system to track the sun. The heat transfer medium used in the experiments is pressurized water.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4625468 fatcat:yr3vvsus4fcbfm4ctka2gwi3ki