A language model based on a qualitative definition of information [book]

Carlos Seror
2019 Zenodo  
Language exists because it conveys information. Unlike in Shannon's theory on information, aimed at a quantitative analysis of the relation signal/noise, a definition of information in terms of processable symbols and operations leads to a model of language that exhibits the compositionality of human language. Additionally, an analysis of the main concept involved in that definition (i.e. categories) reveals a number of internal structures that can also be formalized in terms of symbols and
more » ... ations. Such structures, that reflect intrinsic properties of space and time, generate an objective semantics that might prove to be the perceptual ground for the semantics of human languages.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3263752 fatcat:dbxkvmie6bfabnip6mxa62t4py