Production of Protease Enzyme from Wheat Straw

Mohammed Atiya, Biochem Eng, Al-Khwarizmi Dept, Coll, Eng
2008 Journal Al-Khwarizmi Engineering Journal   unpublished
Protease enzyme production was studied and optimized as a first step to collect information about solid state fermenter) to produce protease enzyme. A local isolated Aspergillus niger was used for this study with constant spores feeding in every experiment at (10 5 /g). Experiments carried out in conical flasks with (250 ml) containing (10 g) of wheat straw as a substrate with different conditions included temperature, pH, hydration ratio, and fermentation time, the results comprised by
more » ... omprised by measuring protease activity (u). The results showed that the best activity can be obtained at (T = 32°C, t= 100 hrs, pH= 2.5 and hydration ratio is 1:3). On the other hand the results is courage to proceed to design a solid state protease fermenter from wheat straw.