Patel, Vesmawala
2015 International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology   unpublished
Vibration testing of bridges can give very helpful information based on the behavior and performance during its service life. Ongoing researches are carried out based on the vibration based assessment of the bridge structure to evaluate the structural condition and overall integrity. A structural distress, locally or globally leads to decreasing in stiffness and free energy stored in the system or structure. Under the influence of the ambient and force excitation, vibration response is
more » ... d by system parameters (stiffness, mass and damping), changes in these parameters may lead to changes in the vibration response such as natural frequencies, mode shapes and modal damping. The dynamic response of the bridge structure is measured. With this measured response modal parameters as well as system parameters can be obtained. These identified parameters can be used to monitor the performance of the bridge structures. Analytical models can also be used to validate using these parameters. In this paper, detailed review of the ambient vibration testing of bridge is given.