Титул Ch(t)igin или Chinggis

Ulziibayar Sodnom, Mongolian Academy of Sciences
2018 Oriental Studies  
The article examines some versions for the etymology of the title 'Chinggis' and notes that the amount and quality of studies on the topic have reached the level when it is necessary to classify and arrange them on the basis of historiographic analysis. Most researchers consider the title of Chinggis Khaan (Genghis Khan) to be a recent one. The most popular opinions regarding the etymology of the title suggest that the word 'Chinggis' stems from a number of different lexemes, namely: 1) the
more » ... tengis ('ocean') borrowed from the language of ancient Turks, 2) the word chin ('firm'), 3) the word combination chingis tengri related to shamanistic beliefs, 4) the Hunnic title name chan-yu (shaniui, 'Son of Heaven') inherited by the Mongols in a misspelled form to evolve into Chinggis. Still, the paper concludes none of the hypotheses mentioned have been supported with sufficient arguments, and sets forth an original version regarding the origin of the title. The work proposes that the title of the prominent Khan of Mongols stems from the term chigin / tigin traditionally inherited by Mongolic nomads since the earliest times. In Mongolian, the word chigin / chagan / chegen contains the seme 'white'. The word was first mentioned in written sources describing the states of the Tuoba and and the Xianbei -in the form 直勤 'Cjichjeni'.
doi:10.22162/2619-0990-2018-38-4-94-99 fatcat:6rwjthma3rcuzgtrjzrbl5qqvq