Sliced Configuration Spaces for Curved Planar Bodies

Elisha Sacks, Chandrajit Bajaj
1998 The international journal of robotics research  
We present the first practical, implemented configuration space computation algorithm for a curved planar object translating and rotating amidst stationary obstacles. The bodies are rigid, compact, regular, and bounded by a finite number of rational parametric curve segments. The algorithm represents the three-dimensional configuration space as two-dimensional slices in which the moving object has a fixed orientation. It discretizes the configuration space into intervals of equivalent slices
more » ... arated by critical slices. The output is topologically correct and accurate to within a specified tolerance. We have implemented the algorithm for objects bounded by line segments and circular arcs, which is an important class for applications. The program is simple, fast, and robust. The slice representation is a natural and efficient abstract data type for geometric computations in robotics and engineering.
doi:10.1177/027836499801700604 fatcat:ki7xgqimdjcd5kfbejitfiesqq