Antiplatelet Drugs, Controlled by Platelet Survival

G. Bremer, O. Richter, E. Jacobi
1979 VIIth International Congress on Thrombosis and Haemostasis   unpublished
The mean Platelet survival is an in-vivo parameter in the analysis of platelet function. Thromboembolic diseases are associated with shortened platelet survival, because platelets are consumed in the thrombus generanation. Platelet survival therefore is an parameter for controlling the effectiveness of antiplatelet drugs. In order to investigate the effect of several antiplatelet drugs, platelet survival is measured in Patients suffered from long-standing diabetes mellitus with secondary
more » ... th secondary complications with and without the following antiplatelet drugs: 3 times of 500 mg per day SH 1117 (Sulfinylaceticacidemethylester), 3 times of R 149 per day (75 mg Dipyridamole + 330 mg Acetyl-Salicylic-Acid) and a third group treated with 3 times per day 150 mg Anturano + 150 mg Dipyridamole. The shortened platelet survival in Diabetes mellitus can be normalized by R 149, whilest SH 1117 increases the platelet survival only moderately. Under the treatment with Anturano combined with Dipyridamole platelet survival is prolonged, but not normalized.
doi:10.1055/s-0039-1687018 fatcat:amns2fg4ozfjbfyfogbf4zez5a