Book Review: I. Homiletical: A Guide to PreachersA Guide to Preachers. By GarvieAlfred E., M. A., D. D., Professor at Hackney and New College. A. C. Armstrong & Son, New York. 1906. Pp. 352

E. C. Dargan
1907 Review & Expositor  
it has many helpful hints and suggestions for the regular ministry, and for those who have had more experience in preaching than the hearers to whom these lectures were primarily addressed. There is nothing very new or startling in our author's treatment of a familiar subject, but his study is sensible, pleasing and practical. His first section tells how to study the Bible; the second, how to state the gospel; the third, how to preach; and the fourth, how to meet the age. Brief chapters discuss
more » ... various topics under these general divisions. It seems to this critic that the author goes further than is necessary in his concessions to the advanced school of modern criticism; but his acceptance of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity and the need of a clearer and more forcible presentation of these to the modern mind is strong in itself and ably presented. For beginners in the ministry, and even for others, the book will well repay careful reading. One good thing about it is that the author suggests good books to read on the subjects he discusses. The most of these are English books and they have been judiciously selected. The book is beautifully printed and is a pleasure both to the eye and mind.
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