Ida Ayu Made Puspani, Ni Luh Sutjiati Beratha, Ida Bagus Putra Yadnya, I Wayan Pastika
2012 e-Journal of Linguistics  
This is a research on interpreting (oral translation) on a criminal case ofdrug user in the court proceedings at Denpasar Court. The study of theinterpreting is concerned with two-ways rendition from Indonesian into Englishand vice-versa. The study is related to: (1) the description of modes of interpretingapplied by the interpreter, (2) the application of translation strategies: shift,addition and deletion of information, (3) factors that underlie the application ofthe strategies, and (4) the
more » ... egies, and (4) the impact of the application of those strategies towards thequality of the interpreting.The methodology applied in this study is qualitative based on eclectictheories (translation, syntax, semantics and pragmatics). The utilization of thetheories is in accordance with the type of the data analyzed in regard to thetranslation phenomena as an applied study and its complexity.The interpreting at court applied the consecutive and simultaneous modes.The strategy of shift was applied when there were differences in structure betweenthe source and the target languages. Addition of information was used when theinterpreter emphasized the message of the source language in the target language.The deletion of information applied if the context in the target language has beencovered, and it was not necessary for the interpreter to interpret the same thingbecause the message of the source language was pragmatically implied in thetarget language.The factors which underlie the application of the interpreting strategies incourt interpreting were communication factor and the differences in the languagesystems between the source and the target languages. The impact of the use of thestrategies towards the quality of the interpreting happened when the interpretationof the source language message into the message of the target language and themessage in the source language was not completely render into the targetlanguage.The novelties of the research are: (1) relevance theory and its four maximsof communication can be applied to analyse equivalence [...]
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