1887 The Lancet  
haemorrhage from lacerating the cervix or vaginal soft parts. 3. In some cases-when everything favours extraction, such as a well-dilated os, and head low down —delivery is sometimes practised with forceps; and, in other cases, it, is found necessary to diminish the calibre of the head by perforation and extract rapidly. With reference to the statistics of the cases occnrring in the Rotunda Hospital for the past three years, ending Nov. 3rd, 1886,4514 cases were delivered during this period,
more » ... ing this period, and in this collection twenty-three cases of placenta prsevia were observed in which there wns a maternal mortality of four deaths, three oi which were complicated with other serious affections, such as pleuropneumonia, sloughing fibroid tumour, and multiple fibroid, preventing contraction subsequently; and one patient was in a collapsed state when admitted. Out of the&e twentythree cases eleven infants were lost. A short discussion, in which Drs. More Madden, Byrne, Kidd, and Mason joined, followed the reading of the paper.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)22068-1 fatcat:rz5kvzc2lzatna6c75k7boejm4