Designing Researcher Information Retrieval Interface based on Ontological Analysis
온톨로지 기반의 연구자정보 검색 인터페이스 설계

Eun-Gyoung Seo, Mi-Hyang Park
2009 Journal of the Korean Society for information Management  
Recently, semantic search techniques which are based on information space as consisting of nonambiguous, non-redundant, formal pieces of ontological knowledge have been developed so that users do exploit large knowledge bases. The purpose of the study is to design more user-friendly and smarter retrieval interface based on ontological analysis, which can provide more precise information by reducing semantic ambiguity or more rich linked information based on well-defined relationships.
more » ... this study, first of all, focuses on ontological analysis on researcher information as selecting descriptive elements, defining classes and properties of descriptive elements, and identifying relationships between the properties and their restriction between relationships. Next, the study designs the prototypical retrieval interface based on ontology-based representation, which supports to semantic searching and browsing regarding researchers as a full-fledged domain. On the proposed retrieval interface, users can search various facts for researcher information such as research outputs or the personal information, or carrier history and browse the social connection of the researchers such as researcher group that is lecturing or researching on the same subject or involving in the same intellectual communication.
doi:10.3743/kosim.2009.26.2.173 fatcat:4yp6akvuzjgxthpjjlzaii3g4y