Subpicosecond Thomson Scattering Measurements of Optically Ionized Helium Plasmas

T. E. Glover, T. D. Donnelly, E. A. Lipman, A. Sullivan, R. W. Falcone
1994 Physical Review Letters  
We present the first subpicosecond time-resolved temperature measurements of plasmas produced by high-intensity optical ionization. Thomson scattering is used to measure electron and ion temperatures of helium plasmas created by 125 fs, 800 nm laser pulses focused to an intensity of 2 x 10" W /em'. We find that the electron temperature is accurately predicted by a tunneling ionization model. The measured ion temperature is consistent with direct heating by the laser pulse.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.73.78 pmid:10056724 fatcat:gtrnh2erw5etvon3ucge2zvfjm