Vingt-cinq ans de recherches en hydroécologie à la Direction des Etudes et Recherches d'EDF

Philippe Gosse
1999 La houille blanche  
Hydroecology (or aquatic ecology) is the study ofaquatic systems in their three interacting aspects: physiéal, chemical and biological. The creation in 1974 of the Environment Department at EDF Research and Development Division marked the start in France of quantitative hydroecology applied io power generation installations. The studies developed around several main themes, determined bath by the expansion qf the nuclear power programme and by changes in French environmental regulations, ill
more » ... regulations, ill particular the 1976 law on impact studies, the 1984 fishing and hydrobiology law and the 1992 water Law. ln this framework, the effect ofartificial warming ofrivers, eutrophication of continental and marine waters, transfers of minerai micropollutants and radionuclides in rivers, and problems specific to hydropower installations such as guaranteed instream jlow or fish pass design, have been studied. This work, conducted in collaboration with many other research laboratories, has led to the development oforiginal quantitative approaches, notably in the field ofnumerical modelling. The paper selects severa! ofthe lOols developed whose scope of application is willer than the environment and management of thermal or hydropower plants. nvo major applications grouping the experience acquired in hydroecology are presented: the AGIRE software and the global environmental study of the Singrauli area in India.
doi:10.1051/lhb/1999042 fatcat:ewbwq6qnebazpbx5jefkfws5sm