Further Notes on Diprion Simile Hartig

W. E. Britton
1916 Journal of Economic Entomology  
April, '16] BRITTON: DIPRION SIMILE 281 growth before the grubs are actively feeding the following 'summer, is a good crop to follow on grub-infested .land. Likewise small grain crops are not greatly injured by grubs and should be used for grubinfested ground in preference to the more susceptible crops such as corn. Aside from the rotations mentioned above, it is desirable to so arrange the crops that the least amount of land will be in timothy and small grain the year the beetles are abundant,
more » ... and the following year to plant corn or other susceptible crops in corn ground or ground which was kept thoroughly cultivated during the flight of the beetles the • year before, and to plant small grain or clover on ground which was in these crops the previous year. The farmer should plow land suspected of containing grubs previous to October 15 the fall following a big flight of beetles and select a crop for the following year according to the presence or absence of grubs. MISCELLANEOUS DIRECTIONs.-The collection of the beetles by hand or by means of a trap lantern, or by spraying trees upon which they feed with an arsenical, has been employed in certain European countries and no doubt would prove of value in this country, Qut to be effective it is necessary that entire communities work together and adopt the measures. Collecting the grubs behind the plow by hand, utilizing boys or cheap labor for this purpose, is of much value although similar results can be obtained by employing hogs or chickens as mentioned above.
doi:10.1093/jee/9.2.281 fatcat:yoyov3spjjcv3ocqw4k2ozan4i