Ecotourism Potentials of the Proposed Hallaideghe Asebot National Park, Northern Rift Valley of Ethiopia

2020 Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Sports  
In the features of deprivation of natural resources and lack of additional income, there are potentials of ecotourism in the proposed Hallaideghe-Asebot national park (HANP), which is being degraded by anthropogenic activities. This study examined ecotourism potentials of the proposed HANP for sustainable natural resources management. Descriptive research design was employed to collect relevant data. Data were collected through primary and secondary sources. The findings showed that ecotourism
more » ... ed that ecotourism potentials of the study area lie in three distinctive landscapes: Hallaideghe plain, Asebot Mountain and Bilen spring areas, as well as cultural and historical attractions. Sever grazing by livestock, deforestation, and inter-ethnic conflicts are detected as the major drivers of change in the area. Finally, introducing ecotourism is important strategic direction for sustainable management of natural resources for the proposed HANP and related protected areas in Ethiopia.
doi:10.7176/jths/46-02 fatcat:fdirymd2tzfghabc7arapiblxi