Dimensional anchors

Patrick Hoffman, Georges Grinstein, David Pinkney
1999 Proceedings of the 1999 workshop on new paradigms in information visualization and manipulation in conjunction with the eighth ACM internation conference on Information and knowledge management - NPIVM '99  
We introduce a graphic primitive, called a dimensional anchor (DA), which facilitates the creation of new visualizations and provides insight into the analysis of information visualizations. The DA represents an attempt to provide a unified framework or model for a variety of visualizations, including Parallel Coordinates, scatter plot matrices, Radviz, Survey Plots and Circle Segments. A dimensional anchor is constructed by assigning values to parameters associated with various geometric
more » ... c elements that encode the basics of the above visualizations. We define a visualization vector space in which all of the above visualizations and many new ones are represented by vectors. These encodings make it possible to perform a Grand Tour traveling from Parallel Coordinates to Survey Plot, and visiting many other visualizations in between.
doi:10.1145/331770.331775 fatcat:hjfjxx4x2jb6zbhj72qu77ducm