Development of a Rapid Retrieval Method for Cloud Optical Thickness and Cloud-top Height Using Himawari-8 Infrared Measurements

Shogo Sakai, Hironobu Iwabuchi, Feng Zhang
2019 SOLA : Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere  
We have developed a rapid simplified algorithm to retrieve cloud optical thickness and cloud-top height from measurements of the infrared split-window bands of Himawari-8. The method is based on a rapid calculation model for clear-sky brightness temperatures and empirical equations for cloud, for which the coefficients are determined by a fit to a more rigorous radiative-transfer model. This method can be applied regardless of regions excluding the polar regions and season by taking into
more » ... the temperature, humidity, sea surface temperature, and surface emissivity. In this study, we have demonstrated that this method captures well the diurnal cycle of cloud amounts of different cloud types in the warm-pool region around Indonesia. With an accelerated retrieval process by a factor of around 1,000 compared with the the physics-based retrieval, our rapid cloud retrieval algorithm yielded cloud amounts that agree quantitatively with those from a more rigorous, physics-based cloud retrieval method. (Citation: Sakai, S., H. Iwabuchi, and F. Zhang, 2019: Development of a rapid retrieval method for cloud optical thickness and cloud-top height using Himawari-8 infrared measurements. SOLA, 15, 57−61,
doi:10.2151/sola.2019-012 fatcat:db3c237aobatxhkpwt7yxeyxce