Analysis of electro-conductive properties of textile materials for use as electrodes

Michal Frydrysiak, Zięba, Msc Tesiorowski, Tokarska
2012 unpublished
In the paper the research of fl at textile products for use as electrodes was presented. To determine the suitability of textile materials, resistance measurements were carried out. Based on the received results of studies different types of textile electrodes were designed. Textile electrodes tests were caried out on human phantoms. The electro-conductive properties of human forearm phantom were also described. Based on these results special electro-conductive hydrogels with electro-conductive
more » ... particles were feasible. The hydrogel is an important element of the forearm's phantom model of a survey of electrodes for muscle electrostimulation. The hydrogel is equivalent to human skin and tissue. The hydrogel should have a permanence and repetition of the electro-conductive properties.