Analytical Study for Throttled and Proposed Throttled Algorithm of Load Balancing in Cloud Computing using Cloud Analyst

Slesha Nayak, Mr Pragnesh, Patel Student
2015 IJSTE-International Journal of Science Technology & Engineering |   unpublished
Cloud Computing is an emerging technology and has attracted a lot of attention in both commercial and academic spheres. It is growing very fast and provides an alternative to conventional computing where all resources available via internet. It is new paradigm of large scale distributed computing which promise to offer subscription-oriented, enterprise-quality computing services to its users On-Demand bases in pay-per-use manner. One of important issue associated with this field is load
more » ... eld is load balancing and task scheduling. Load balancing algorithms were investigated heavily in various environments; however, with Cloud environments, some additional challenges are present and must be addressed. Issues such as handling large scaled resources of Cloud require several techniques to optimize and streamline its operations. In this paper, comparative study is performed for existing throttle algorithm and proposed throttled algorithm of load balancing in cloud computing. Proposed throttled algorithm is implemented and tested. Both of these algorithms are compared in terms of Response time, Datacenter Request Servicing time and Cost in Cloud Analyst and Results prove the performance of proposed algorithm.