Source Memory Advantage from Self-Referencing

晓彤 尹
2017 Advances in Psychology  
Source memory is the memory for various kinds of contextual features. Studies in recent years have found that self-referencing could not only enhance memory for items, but also could facilitate memory for source information. This effect is not limited to young adults, but also can be found in children and older adults. In western countries, close others could not show the same source memory advantage as the self. Whether eastern would behave similar to western remains an open question.
more » ... s using ERP and fMRI on neural mechanisms of the source memory advantage from self-referencing have made some progress. All these studies can help us better understand the mechanisms under the self-reference effect. Keywords Self-Reference Effect, Source Memory 自我参照加工的源记忆优势 尹晓彤,杨红升 西南大学心理学部,重庆 收稿日期:2017年3月1日;录用日期:2017年3月17日;发布日期:2017年3月20日 摘 要 源记忆是指对项目信息以外的各种情景特征的记忆。近几年的研究发现,自我参照加工不仅可以促进对 项目信息的记忆, 还可以提高对源信息的记忆。 这种自我参照加工的源记忆优势不仅表现在年轻人身上, 在老年人和儿童身上也有所体现。 西方文化下, 自我参照加工的源记忆优势并不会表现在亲密他人身上; 尹晓彤,杨红升 254 东方文化下亲密他人是否也存在像自我一样的源记忆优势还有待研究。利用ERP和fMRI技术对自我参照 加工源记忆优势脑机制的研究也取得了一定的进展。这些研究成果有助于进一步加深对自我参照效应的 机制的理解。 关键词 自我参照效应,源记忆
doi:10.12677/ap.2017.73033 fatcat:o2b2lmgbyrdt3d7rej5ynhuu7q